Virtual Reality


Recreating Farah's Cell: Unreal VR

Inspired by Quixel's "Create Counterstrike in UE4" this independent project involved recreating a small area of a personal favorite, Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). In this project I used Quixel's Megascans Library, SideFX Houdini and Unreal Engine's VR Editor to create a VR capable re-imagined version of Farah's Cell from the mission "Captive."

Role: Designer and Tech Artist (Independent)

Key Tools Used: Unreal Engine VR Editor, SideFX Houdini, Quixel Megascans Library

Cooking with Cannibals

Role: Producer and Developer

Key Tools Used: Unity Game Engine, VRTK, Oculus VR

Cooking with Cannibals is a virtual reality cooking game currently in development by TLC Games. As the player, you find your first job as a cook for a chain of restaurants serving people...with people. To find out more, check out the TLC Games Website!


Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum: Go Sailing! VR

Role: Camera Operator, Audio and Video Editor

Key Tools Used: Adobe CC Suite, Insta360 Studio,

Logic Pro X

"How did you get those drone shots?" The answer is simple. We didn't. Armed only with a film crew of 5 people, 3 Insta360 One X cameras, and selfie sticks we were able to film a voyage on a recreation of The Dove. After a fair amount of editing and post production, we were able to have a projection dome installed to showcase this historic vessel in 360 and 180 variations for the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. This structure is currently on exhibit.


Project VROOM

Virtual Reality On Our Machine, or VROOM for short, is the largest collaboration project I have been able to lead and develop for to this date. Building from the success of it's previous iteration, Electric Boogaloo, Project VROOM aimed to build an original motion platform for VR content from scratch. The result was the collaboration of 20 undergraduate students from 8 different majors with a budget of $800 creating a one of a kind virtual reality experience!

Role: Project Lead, MoCap Technician, Presenter, Tech Artist

Key Tools Used: Unity Game Engine, VRTK,

Optitrack Motive