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COVID-19 and My Creative Quarantine

I know I am a little late on writing about this topic, but I am finally in a place where I can write about the events of the past week. Here are the key points: 1. Finals Week at Drexel University was moved to online testing

2. Philadelphia began a "Lockdown," and temporarily closed non-essential establishments

3. A lot of people bought obscene amounts of toilet paper

4. I now work from home, both as a student and freelance creative

In all seriousness, I am very grateful for not being at high risk for COVID-19. I, like many others, am doing my best to only leave my apartment when completely necessary. It is a weird time for the nation and the world, and I hope that anyone reading this is also staying safe and healthy. Please stay home, and please wash your hands.

On a more personal note, I am very happy to have a few rolls of toilet paper and to be living in a city where food delivery is relatively cheap. The first few days were kind of scary, what with everyone panicking before the bars closed (I am not ashamed to admit that I got a bottle of wine for myself). However in the days following the city-wide self quarantine, things have been rather peaceful.

The streets of Philadelphia are clean and quiet, which anyone who lives here will tell you is not the norm. Living close to Drexel's campus, it is surreal to be walking the streets and not see a single car or person out on their normal routine. Things are definitely changing in a big way.

There are two things that I am genuinely excited for in all of this (looking on the bright side). One is that I was able to go to Drexel's facilities before they closed to all non-faculty, and took out an extended rental of every headset I could get my hands on. With my senior project being a VR game, and with other students in need of the tech, the program directors were more than happy to let me manage the upkeep and rental of the commonly used equipment. My small apartment is absolutely filled with tech and green screens and light stands, but it will not prevent me from continuing on my senior project and others.

Second is that this quarantine has actually brought many opportunities to the public for digital creatives. Although I am sad to hear of their cancellations and postponing, many conferences are releasing their talks online for all to view. For me, I have been paying close attention to Unity, SideFX, Oculus, and Sony for their updates and Q&As. For those who cannot normally afford every conference during this season, it is especially wonderful that this information is being shared.

I have taken it upon myself to not just binge Brooklyn Nine Nine and play Doom Eternal the entire quarantine (as tempting as that is). Don't get me wrong, I am still doing both of those things (thank you id Software for your brilliant title), but I am also taking on some research and tutorials that I have been meaning to get into. Unity has released a massive library of creator tutorials which I am hoping to delve into further, and Quixel has recently made changes to their Mixer software which I am greatly interested in.

In addition to personal project, I am also going to be on the ever-dreaded "Post Grad Job Hunt." So if you are reading this blog post to get to know me, hire me? More on that in the future.

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