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High Hopes for GDC

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

As I am writing this I am getting updates on the annual Intel University Games Showcase at GDC 2020. In the past, Drexel University has sent one team each year to represent the college and the games/projects that come out of our various programs. This includes 2016's Mirror's of Grimaldi by 51st and Fire, as well as 2018's Fling to the Finish by SplitSide Games. Both wonderful projects, and well deserving of the awards that they won.

In one week, Tastes Like Chicken Games will be presenting along with many other teams in hopes of being chosen to represent Drexel University in this competition. Admittedly, this was our plan from the start. In our very first presentation, we made the goal of "creating the next 'YouTube-able' VR title...[and] be ready for public demonstration as soon as possible." As we move into February, this goal is now in sight.

The basic timeline for TLC games is this: -Public Alpha in early February

-Public Beta in late March

-Marketing and legal work in April and May

-Gold / Launch in June

For nearly the entire team, this will be the first title under our belts. We are confident that we will be able to proceed with getting the game up onto Oculus and Steam, with hopes of Quest capability being explored in the future. To keep up with TLC Games and our progress into this year, head over to https://www.tasteslikechicken.website/

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