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Keep your Virtual Eyes on the Road!

What an amazing February for Jitsik LLC! During the past month I have been working closely with mechanical engineer, Adam Bengis, and Unity developer Christian Plummer on Jitsik's Drive Lab. If you would like more information on the overall project, you can check out my previous Jitsik blog post here.

Below is the first proof of tech for the pass through camera system and green screen tent. I feel that I should preface this video by saying that this is development footage and does not reflect the final product.

Jitsik DriveLab - Proof of Tech [Not Final]

Although this did take a good amount of hours to put together, there are a few notable issues which I will be working on in the coming weeks. The first is rather obvious, being that there is a heavy amount of green screen spill on my hands and in the car itself. Luckily, there are a few ways to get around this. If you have seen my research section (which I highly recommend you check out) you may have seen this initial test being done with live compositing in Unreal Engine 4.20. One notable difference between the proof of tech above, and the proof of tech below is the type of camera used. The Zed Mini being used for Jitsik has a tricky auto exposure which must be adjusted in editor, but cannot be saved out between uses. The Unreal version used a Sony FS100 with manual settings for ease of use.

Unreal Live Composite - Proof of Tech, 2018

Another video quality issue is... well... the quality of the video. This is an unfortunate product of the Zed Mini which can only output 720p video. Inside the headset there is a much clearer view, however for demonstration purposes, this may present itself poorly. This issue is being explored and other camera solutions are in the works as well.

One other line item that I will be tackling in the coming weeks is the overall presentation of the green screen. You can see that in this demo there are large corners, wrinkles, and seams that throw off the composition. At the time of writing this, these issues have been addressed (thanks to some binder clips and safety pins), and there will be more updates and footage shortly as we continue proof of concept videos.

To learn more about Jitsik LLC and our previous work, head over to jitsik.com.

If you would like to see more behind the scenes of my virtual camera work, take a look at my research page.

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