• Travis Hove

It's 2020! Let's Start a Blog!

Whether it's signing up for that expensive gym membership, or finding new ways to budget those limited college student funds, New Years is the time to start on new goals. One of my goals for this year is to start blogging my journey through my final months at Drexel University and into the creative workforce.

2019 was a very eventful year. I got the chance to work on Project VROOM, which debuted at SIGGRAPH 2020. I also got a chance to work as an intern for Night Kitchen Interactive, working on a variety of digital and physical installations.

2020 is just getting started, with two main projects underway. The first is Cooking with Cannibals, a VR game and also my Senior Project here at Drexel University. The second is a project for Jitsik LLC, where I will be doing mixed reality capture and even building a DIY green screen studio for driver's education. This first blog post is just the beginning. I will be posting at least once a month about various projects and experiences, and even giving you some behind the scenes of some of the methods I use in my everyday work. Looking forward to sharing with you all!

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